Why do so many people fail to make money online even though they do everything their coach or mentor has told them to do?

Why do two people who are in the exact same business niche and have the exact same business and marketing tools available go on to have one fail while the other succeeds?

Why does someone who has been building their business for years suddenly get passed up by a 'newcomer' out of nowhere?

Why are some people who seem very successful on the outside not satisfied or happy on the inside?

Are some people just 'lucky' while others aren't?

What does success really mean?

These and more are all questions I've asked myself over and over again and these are probably questions you have also asked yourself at some point in time.

Frankly I have grown tired of seeing masses of budding entrepreneurs give up on their dreams due to the negative forces that seem to keep people down while a few still continue rise.

I have dedicated this series of ongoing books to help all those who need that 'kick in the pants' to get them moving in the right direction towards success and happiness in their lives.

So listen to and read this e-book with an open mind and really let it all soak in before going onto another book in the series. I sincerely hope these books improve your life.

To Your Success!

Ron McIntyre

Transformative Leadership Group